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U21 football this year!!

March 13, 2007

Rower inistioge have the best football team in the county this year but have been graded in there any organising done at all?? (from kkcats)
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Comment on Kilkenny Cats!!

March 6, 2007

Callan may not have great hurlers but they have something the rower boys dont have and thats heart and bottle. They are no where near winning intermediate. They are the longest team playing intermediate without ever getting to the county final and they have had much better teams over the years than they have now and they have all came to notting for the reasons i mentioned above. The nights i gave in New Ross when i was playin with Glenmore and the rower boys would be telling me about the great team they had and that theyd be soon playing us senior. It didnt happen then and it wont happen now. I personally think they are very near relegation and i dont see them winning any matches in their group either.
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March 6, 2007

Group 2

1st Round

Rower Inistioge v Emeralds
St. Lachtain's v Clara
Erins Own v Graignamanagh

2nd Round

Graignamanagh v St. Lachtain's
Emeralds v Erins Own
Clara v Rower Inistioge

3rd Round

Erins Own v Rower Inistioge
St. Lachtain's v Emeralds
Graignamanagh v Clara

4th Round

Emeralds v Graignamanagh
Rower Inistioge v St. Lachtain's
Erins Own v Clara

5th Round

Clara v Emeralds
St. Lachtain's v Erins Own
Graignamanagh v Rower Inistioge

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Draw for 2007

March 6, 2007

Group 2
Erin's Own
Rower Inistioge
St. Lachtains

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